how to write a poem: get assigned research paper. write poem to avoid writing research paper

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i can’t take photos for shit but holy hell do i love to paint

Tell me, are you dipping your toes in the shallow end? Or are you living your life, plunging into the deep icy waters, even though you’re terrified of falling? We start our lives with our eyes open so wide we have to blink to catch up with our dreams. When they tell you the future’s only full of taxes, nine to five work days, and a predetermined path of adulthood, turn your head and walk away. Remember that you’ve always seen a bit more colour in the grey skies, and you’ve painted entire galaxies with your words. Forge onward my friend, for you were made to dive right in. 

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i’ve learned way too much about people on tumblr from “read more” options on text posts

i am the queen of attending events for clubs that i’m not a part of